Schöpferische Pause

Type of record:
  • creativity technique
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Ideal innovation phases for this method:
  1. Innovation Phase
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The creative pause is not a pause from creativity, but a very simple way to concentrate on a particular aspect and thus consciously focus on a particular feature. Especially when a creative process comes to a standstill or the participants do not make any progress, the creative break plays out its strengths.

Conceptually, it is not to be understood as a pause from something, but as a conscious pause or as a pause from the currently ongoing work process.

The creative break can be taken at any time. There is no need to take advantage of the creative break. It even makes sense to use them just when no compelling reason is apparent.

Sentences like "Now I have to think about it" or "Now a good idea would be very helpful" show that a creative break might be appropriate. Because the main purpose is just the short pause with the creative concentration on a single aspect.

With this very simple method, the creative basic attitude can generally be promoted, since with its help the sensitivity for individual characteristics is consciously sharpened.

In contrast to the creative focus, only a brief, intensive creative look is taken at a point and this point is not taken out of the idea work independently.
  • Effective for all innovation types
  • Effective for disruptive innovations
  • Effective for incremental innovations and improvements
  • Effective for radical innovations
  • Effective for highly complex challenges
  • Effective for medium complexity challenges
  • Effective for low complexity challenges
  • P5 Idea Finding (Idea Generation - Creative Phase - Incubation)
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