After Action Review

Type of record:
  • Micro method
  • Feedback method
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Ideal innovation phases for this method:
  1. Innovation Phase
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  3. 2
  4. 3
  5. 4
  6. 5
  7. 6
  8. 7
  9. 8
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Review (After Action Review, AAR): "Don't look for mistakes, but understand what happened and go on" - that's the credo of this special technique.

An After Action Review (AAR) is a methodical review of a challenge, its solution and its implementation. The aim of this review is to identify mistakes and success factors

The aim is to make the project visible to all members of the team, to recognise further potential, to build on important strengths and to reduce obvious weaknesses.

AAR allows your team members to quickly and realistically see the progress and results of an entire project, understand the reasons for mistakes, determine what has worked and what needs to be adjusted, and learn from it.
  • Effective for all innovation types
  • Effective for highly complex challenges
  • Effective for incremental innovations and improvements
  • Effective for medium complex challenges
  • Effective for radical innovations
  • P2 Analysis (problems - challenges - environment - people - products)
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