Sketches and Scribbles

Type of record:
  • Micro method
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Ideal innovation phases for this method:
  1. Innovation Phase
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  3. 2
  4. 3
  5. 4
  6. 5
  7. 6
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Sketches and scribbles are hand-drawn representations and sketches of products, services or business model scenarios. This method fits very well into the early stages of design thinking, where speed and low resolutions are the main issues. In addition, almost no previous knowledge is required, as work is carried out with the simplest basic materials and on basic levels.

Of course, a little talent for drawing can be helpful, but this is about visualization (not art) - and almost anyone with a little practice can do that.

Sketches and scribbles show only the product or key components of a business model. Important information can be added. Several scribbles combined with each other can even be used for storytelling. Of course, ideas you have on the road can also be quickly recorded and presented later in the team.
  • Effective for all innovation types
  • Effective for disruptive innovations
  • Effective for highly complex challenges
  • Effective for incremental innovations and improvements
  • Effective for low complex challenges
  • Effective for medium complex challenges
  • Effective for radical innovations
  • P6 Idea enrichment (idea combination - idea integration)
  • P8 Early Prototyping (testing the idea directly on the user)
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