Discussion 66

Type of record:
  • Micro method
  • Creativity technique
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Ideal innovation phases for this method:
  1. Innovation Phase
  2. 1
  3. 2
  4. 3
  5. 4
  6. 5
  7. 6
  8. 7
  9. 8
  10. 9
  11. 10


Discussion 66 (also known as Buzz Session or Philipps 66) is a variant of brainstorming in which many participants can be involved. Typically, the number of participants is larger than 50.

The number 66 results from the group size (six persons) of the small groups on the one hand and from the period for the brainstorming intervals (six minutes) on the other hand. Experience has shown, however, that the advantage of activating many heads in a very short time only occurs when the skills of a very eloquent moderator are used, who can inspire and enthral the group for the target.

Discussion 66 is particularly suitable when a large number of ideas have to be put on the table quickly, for example to find new niches for products or services, to promote product improvements and to think about new products and process technologies.

But also areas such as technical construction, advertising, sales promotion, naming, leadership problems and organizational problems are appropriate here.
  • Effective for all innovation types
  • Effective for incremental innovations and improvements
  • Effective for low complex challenges
  • Effective for medium complex challenges
  • P5 Idea Finding (ideation - idea generation - creative phase - incubation)
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