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Progress always means fighting against resistance. Resistance for reasons of unwillingness, inability and non-compliance. All three types of resistance appear in companies; the most common reason is non-willingness. The current status should be maintained at all costs.

New always means change. And man naturally does not like change, because it means an attack on the tried and tested. Nevertheless, we need progress if we are to continue to exist. And for progress we need the fearless. Those who assert themselves against the sceptics, believe in their idea and make it a success.

Provide resistance:

- Your own company, in which new things are viewed by many skeptics. Reasons: the Not-invented-here syndrome, fear of losing one's budget or even one's job and the Das-war-always-so-syndrome.

- Customers and classic market research, which exclusively assume the status quo in surveys.

- Competition, which is often wrongly considered to be "smarter" than one's own company.

Options for action against resistance:
- Ignore the "counter-all" types in the company and convince the silent masses, who still observe without opinion exclusively.

- Find a "sponsor" for your innovation idea in the company who will protect and support it until it is implemented.

- Create a protected space in which the idea can mature.
  • Effective for all innovation types
  • P9 Fighting for ideas (Building Commitments - Generate Fundings)
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