Identification Method

Type of record:
  • Micro method
  • Creativity technique
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Ideal innovation phases for this method:
  1. Innovation Phase
  2. 1
  3. 2
  4. 3
  5. 4
  6. 5
  7. 6
  8. 7
  9. 8
  10. 9
  11. 10


Strictly speaking, the identification method is a role-play in which the aim is to change perspective, to look at the challenge, the solution or simply the problem from the perspective of another person.

It is often sufficient to simply change desks, departments and business units in order to take a different perspective from one's own.

Another step in the value chain can also make sense if the whole is viewed from the supplier or customer perspective.

Just look "fictitiously" over the shoulder of the person and formulate what you get from this perspective for a look at the problem. The method is also ideal for taking a close look at individual process steps and viewing them from all sides. You should do this with the smallest units if possible.
  • Effective for all innovation types
  • Effective for highly complex challenges
  • Effective for incremental innovations and improvements
  • Effective for low complex challenges
  • Effective for medium complex challenges
  • Effective for radical innovations
  • P5 Idea Finding (ideation - idea generation - creative phase - incubation)
  • P6 Idea enrichment (idea combination - idea integration)
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